Get Involved

Jeunes CCR Youth

How to Join the YN

  1. Join our list serve by sending an email to the CCR Youth Network at You will receive email updates on news, opportunities and upcoming activities and events.
  2. Like us on Facebook.
  3.  Follow us on Twitter.

Attend a CCR meeting

Participating in a CCR meeting, if you can, is the best way to connect with other youth.

Check out the schedule of upcoming CCR meetings

Inspire yourself with past YN projects

Take a look at our past projects and see if you are inspired to start a similar projects as part of a local community group.

Get involved with a local organization

Find a member organization in your community and see if you can volunteer or get involved with youth there.

Gather funds to attend the next Youth Action Gathering

Consult our A-Z activity guide proposing different ways to gather funds in your community in order to come to the next YAG. More generally, consult our tips on how to fundraise for a YAG.

Take action!

The CCR has many suggestions for advocacy on our Take Action page.


For more information on ways to get involve with the Youth Network

Contact us!