Working Group on Immigration and Settlement

Ths Working Group provides a forum to exchange information, network and develop policy positions on all issues related to the settlement and integration of refugees, immigrants and other migrants in Canada, including:

  • provision of settlement services;
  • broader social justice context related to newcomers in Canada, for example: systemic racism, racialization of poverty, employment and income security, housing and homelessness, health, family reunification, and equitable access to services and basic entitlements.

The Working Groups will collaborate with each other when issues affect more than one Working Group, and will respect the leadership of another Working Group on issues that fall primarily within that Working Group’s mandate. 

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I&S Campaigns

Key campaigns are standing issues that the working group is active on. As the working group's activities are dynamic and member-driven, these issues sometimes change. As with the rest of the CCR, I&S addresses issues from a social justice perspective, and is committed to an anti-oppression approach.

The Immigration and Settlement Working Group partners with the Youth Network, which emerged from the Working Group and is now a distinct body within the CCR.

Some of the Working Group's key campaigns are:

The Working Group is supported by a steering committee composed of representatives of member organizations from across the country.