Working Group on Immigration and Settlement (I&S)

This Working Group provides a forum to exchange information, network and develop policy positions on all issues related to the settlement and integration of refugees, immigrants and other migrants in Canada, including:
  • provision of settlement services;
  • broader social justice context related to newcomers in Canada, for example: systemic racism, racialization of poverty, employment and income security, housing and homelessness, health, mental health, family reunification, and equitable access to services and basic entitlements.

The Working Group priorities for 2023 are:

  • Regularization
  • Access to Housing 
  • International Students 
  • Family Reunification 
  • Migrant Workers 

The Working Group has identified access to services as a long-term priority.

I&S Co-Chairs



Jennifer Rasajasekar
Jennifer Rajasekar

Jennifer Rajasekar is the Manager of Social Support Services at TNO-The Neighborhood Organization and is the primary point person for TNO’s Worker Support Services Program. She is the 2018 recipient of the Leading Women Building Community Award. Jennifer has many decades of diverse experience in the non-profit sector serving newcomers and refugees and grassroots organizations, leading, managing, and implementing community-based projects and programs that provide substantial benefits for communities.

I&S Key Issues

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Working Group Co-chairs