Donate to the CCR Endowment Fund

The CCR Endowment Fund was created to provide a secure, long-term source of income to support and sustain the mission of the Canadian Council for Refugees.

"CCR is an advocate for the displaced, disposed, uprooted people that no one else seems to care about. It is our collective voice for fairness, equality and humane treatment for refugees and their families." - Mulugeta Abai, Canadian Centre for Victims of Torture (CCVT), Toronto

We want Canada to treat refugees in a way that is independent, affordable, fair and honourable. Don't you?

About the CCR Endowment Fund

The CCR Endowment Fund was initiated by the Sisters of Service. In a gesture of faith in the CCR, the Sisters of Service in 2012 donated one million dollars to the CCR to create the Endowment Fund. This gift was made to support the CCR's charitable activities and programs. The CCR Endowment Fund has since been strengthened by some additional donations.

Gifts to the Endowment Fund are meant to invest in the future of the CCR's work.

Increasing the Endowment Fund

In order to provide a stronger foundation of reliable long-term income, the CCR is seeking additional major donations to the Endowment Fund. The stronger the Endowment Fund, the better the CCR can fulfill its mission.

Is the CCR Endowment Fund right for me?

If you, or someone you know, are thinking of leaving a legacy gift or making a major donation that will be invested in long-term support, contributing to the CCR Endowment Fund is a great way to make a powerful impact in the years to come.

Are you looking to have a more immediate impact in the lives of refugees and vulnerable migrants, and in issues affecting newcomer settlement? Here are many other ways to make a gift.


Ethical guidelines

The CCR Endowment Fund is invested according to clear ethical guidelines to ensure that the capital is invested in ways that respect and promote the human rights of all people, and are consistent with the CCR's mission.

Careful and professional management of funds

The investment of the Fund is overseen by an experienced investment manager, with specialized expertise in ethical investment, working with a respected and solid institution. The management of the Fund is monitored by an Investment Advisory Committee, which reports to and advises the CCR Executive Committee. 

Consult the CCR Endowment Fund Investment Policy here.

Contribute to the CCR Endowment Fund

Donations to the Endowment Fund help secure the future of our organization and of our work. By further building the Fund, the CCR can continue to be a key voice for refugees in Canada - and even increase our effectiveness.

You can play an important role in ensuring that the voices of refugees and vulnerable migrants are heard, and their rights in Canada strengthened in the years to come.


  • Make a donation to the CCR Endowment Fund, the best way to sustain our work for the future;
  • Include the CCR Endowment Fund in your will;
  • Introduce the CCR Endowment Fund to others who share our values and who might wish to contribute.

Benefits to you

Donating to the CCR Endowment Fund brings many benefits:

  • The knowledge that you are contributing concretely to a Canada that protects refugees and welcomes newcomers.
  • The confidence that your contribution will be professionally and responsibly invested, in accordance with ethical guidelines.
  • A charitable tax receipt.
  • An opportunity to be publicly acknowledged for your gift (subject to your wishes).

Contact us

To ask for a confidential consultation about making a donation to the CCR Endowment Fund, please contact us at