Friends of CCR: Monthly Donor Program

Become a Friend of the CCR!

Join our monthly giving program and become a Friend of the CCR. This allows you to support the CCR with a sustaining monthly donation of an amount of your choice, through an automated withdrawal or by credit card or debit.


How to join

Sign up online below or download the application form and send it back to us  to become a Friend of the CCR

The CCR's monthly giving program is an important way to support our work to ensure that refugee and newcomer rights are protected in Canada, including through advocacy and educational work:

  • It provides us with steady flow and flexibility to plan better our activities.
  • It is a cost efficient method which reduces the administrative cost of your donation. More funds are therefore dedicated to our ongoing campaigns and activities. 
  • You receive a receipt for income tax purposes.
  • Your donation is used responsibly and for an important cause, no matter the amount of your monthly donation.

Other ways to make an impact

The Friends program doesn't suit you? Find other ways to give and contribute to the protection of refugees here.

Are you already a Friend of the CCR?

Why not consider increasing your monthly contribution? A small monthly donation goes a long way!

To increase your monthly giving amount or for any other related inquiries or changes, please email us at or call us: (514) 277-7223.

Advocating for vulnerable groups, the CCR has truly become a beacon of hope in the refugee community. Supporting an agency that represents values of social justice, peace, anti-oppression and anti-racism sums up the values I strive to achieve every day. Furthermore, as a friend to CCR, my work is improved because of the vast resources, knowledge and information offered by the many members of the CCR.”

— Monica Abdelkader

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