Spring Virtual Consultation 2020

CCR Spring Virtual Consultation 2020

Access and inclusion: protection, resources, services

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we are holding a virtual consultation instead of an in-person meeting. Participate in the Virtual Spring Consultation to explore current issues affecting refugee protection and newcomer settlement. All are welcome to participate!

With views from all Canadian provinces and with experts in diverse fields, the Consultation offers opportunities for professional development, networking and strategy.

The Virtual Consultation will feature a series of webinars and on-line meetings (descriptions are subject to change).


Please note that all webinars, caucuses, working group meetings will start at 2:00 p.m. EDT and will generally last 90 minutes. For details, see the program.

Date Description  
20 May Webinar: Dialogue with Corinne Prince, Director General, Settlement and Integration, IRCC  
21 May Webinar: Access to Resettlement: Formal and Informal Exclusions
22 May Webinar: Orientation session: Getting to know the CCR and how to get more involved (30mns)
25 May Webinar: LGBT+ awareness in mainstream organizations (training)  
26 May Webinar: Recovering from the Aftermath of COVID19: Housing, Employment, International Students  
27 May Webinar: Housing, Healthcare and Income Support for Temporary and Non-Status Migrants  
28 May Webinar: Supporting refugee claimants in a virtual world
29 May Webinar: Public education: hope-based messaging  
2 June Inland Protection Working Group Meeting*  
3 June Immigration & Settlement Working Group Meeting*  
4 June Overseas Protection Working Group Meeting*  
5 June Joint Working Group Meeting*: Advocacy in pandemic and post-pandemic context  
8 June Webinar: Work permit issues (discussion with IRCC)  
9 June Webinar: Supporting precarious migrants during the pandemic: a gender-based lens  
10 June Webinar: Forced Labour Happens in Canada (Press Conference and Public Education event)  
12 June CCR General Meeting  
16 June Webinar: Youth Engagement Sustainability: Organizational Change Towards Youth Empowerment  
17 June Webinar: Post-Negative Decision Recourses for Rejected Refugee Claimants*  
18 June Webinar: Francophone immigration in minority francophone communities  
19 June Caucus: Youth Network  
23 June Caucus: Private sponsors Code of Ethics  
25 June Caucus: Unaccompanied minor claimants  

* Closed to government

Fee schedule

The CCR relies on registration fees to cover the costs of organizing and delivering the consultation. We encourage organizations with budgets to pay the fee for their category.

However, we understand that many organizations are under serious financial constraints, and we don’t want to exclude anyone based on financial means. If appropriate, people should choose the reduced rate for their category. If the reduced category presents a financial burden, pay zero.

The fees are per person and for the entire meeting series (except if you pay fees for a single webinar). We encourage as many people and organizations interested to register according to their financial means.

Please apply the appropriate CODE when registering!


including discount codes







Full NGO $75





Full (inc. Government)











Can only attend one meeting 1WEBINAR $20

*participant not supported by an NGO

Payment of fees

If you represent an organization and would like to pay a single amount for all staff, please contact Claudia at ccojal@ccrweb.ca

Please note that the above amounts are in Canadian dollars. However, due to constraints of the webinar platform, payments will be converted to US dollars when paying online.

If paying in US dollars represents a problem for your organization, or you need a receipt in Canadian dollars, please contact Claudia at ccojal@ccrweb.ca.

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