CCR Staff

Please keep in mind that we do not provide services for individuals. If you need help in an individual case, please contact one of the immigrant and refugee serving organizations in your area.
Please also note that, due to limited resources, we regret that we are not able to respond to requests from students for input related to their research. We do provide a lot of information on our website, which we encourage you to use in learning about issues relating to refugee protection and newcomer settlement.

Lauren Lallemand, Co-Executive Director (Finance and Operations)

Tanja Maleska, Co-Executive Director (Communications and Development)
Gauri Sreenivasan, Co-Executive Director (Policy and Advocacy)
Janet Dench, Senior Policy Advisor
Alice Alvarez-Pereyre, Member Services Manager
Basel Dakak, Project Coordinator
María José Espejo Rivas, Settlement Policy Director
Shilik Hamad, Youth Network Coordinator
Audrey Pasinetti, Administrative Coordinator

  • Office telephone number: (514) 277-7223
  • Fax number: (514) 277-1447