Looking for...? (hints for finding things on the CCR website)

A report published by the CCR – Try searching by title in Resources or try the Library

A document the CCR produced in the last few years – Try the Recent Information page

Basic information about refugees - See ccrweb.ca/en/information-refugees

Easy to understand resources for general public - Go to the public education page

Practical information to assist refugees, immigrants and refugee claimants - Go to the Practical information page

Information about the CCR - Go to About the CCR

A press release – Go to the Media Room

Legal issues - cases in which CCR is intervening before the courts - Go to Legal Affairs

Upcoming consultations and meetings (and reports from past consultations) - Go to the Meetings page

A CCR member organization in your area - Go to Links page

Information about ccrlist (CCR's listserv) - Go to ccrlist page

Information about recent developments affecting refugees and immigrants in Canada - Read recent issues of the CCR Chronicle (you can also sign up to receive this monthly electronic bulletin)

How to contact the CCR - Go to Contact information

How to make a donation - Go to Donate page

Suggestions for taking action and getting involved:

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  • Most documents are announced in the Recent Information page. Scroll through or use the "find" function in your browser.
  • Use Google search to find documents on the CCR website by key word: