CCR Guiding Statement on Indigenous Peoples

The Canadian Council for Refugees recognizes the Indigenous Peoples of Canada as its original inhabitants.

The CCR recognizes that refugees, migrants and the Indigenous Peoples of Canada may share similar experiences with injustice due to persecution, oppression, colonization, discrimination, stereotyping and exclusion.

Some refugees are historically or currently persecuted in their country of origin due to their status as Indigenous Peoples.

Some refugees, like some Indigenous Peoples, are displaced by extraction of natural resources (oil, gas, timber, water).

The CCR is committed to:

  1. Promoting education and raising awareness among our membership about historical and current issues affecting Indigenous Peoples. We believe immigrants and refugees in Canada should be provided with honest and accurate information about historical and current injustices relating to Indigenous Peoples.
  2. Recognizing and appropriately acknowledging the traditional territory of the local Indigenous Peoples at meetings and consultations.
  3. Initiating dialogue and striving to build respectful relationships with Indigenous Peoples in order to learn about issues of common interest and discuss potential strategies and solutions.


Adopted by the Executive Committee, November 2013