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Respond to Bill C-585 re. social assistance for claimants

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Bill C-585, currently before the House of Commons, is a private member's bill that would allow provinces to reduce access to social assistance for refugee claimants and other people without permanent status in Canada. The Bill was scheduled to be debated at Second Reading on October 20, 2014.

Share why are you proud to protect refugees

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Because I was protected 23 years agoLet’s change the conversation. Help promote a positive vision of what we want for refugees in Canada and of the important contributions refugees make to our communities.

Four Faces, Four Values in your Community: Stand Up! Get involved!

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Stand up!  Get involved!

Do you want to join with Canadians in standing up for a fair and independent refugee system? 

Do you want to help communicate to the public the importance of honouring our obligations towards refugees, through policies that are affordable for all?

Join us in communicating what we want for refugees in Canada!  Here's what you can do :

What do you want for refugees in Canada? Shout it out with a poster!

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4 Faces poster - womenWhat do you want for refugees in Canada?  Let others know by posting one of the CCR's posters!

Order copies from the CCR office.


Download copies and print them yourself:

- poster with four women

Focus on refugee and immigrant families: action

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Reuniting families is a key objective of Canada’s immigration program, but too often families are kept apart. Focus on refugee and immigrant families is a one page document highlighting what Canada must do to renew its focus on families on critical issues including:

**Write a letter to Ministers and your MP about Migrant Workers rights**

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Join the CCR and other allies in raising awareness about the lack of protections for migrant workers and their rights in Canada. Write a letter to the Ministers responsible for the Temporary Foreign Worker Program, and send a copy to your Member of Parliament.

For suggestions and a template of topics to include in your letter, click here or follow the link below.

Nairobi: Long delays - Sign the statement, contact your MP, and raise awareness

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Join the CCR and other allies in speaking out and raising awareness of the need for fair treatment for refugees in Africa, especially refugees whose applications are processed through the Nairobi visa office.

**Meet with your MP about Migrant Workers' Rights**

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Join the CCR and other allies in raising awareness about the lack of protections for migrant workers and their rights in Canada.

Talk to your MP about how the recent changes to the Temporary Foreign Worker Program don't really advance the cause of protecting migrant workers' rights at all, and in fact only further entrench the two-tier, unequal system created by a revolving door of temporary migrant workers.

Proposed reduction in age of dependent children

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The government is proposing to narrow the definition of a dependent child in the immigration regulations in two important ways:

  • The maximum age will be reduced to 18 years (from 21 years)
  • The exception for full-time students will be eliminated

This narrower definition will apply in all cases when a person applies for permanent residence in Canada and wants to include their children: