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Take action to make family reunification for all!

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Make family reunification for all!Family reunification for all

All families have equal value. However, Canada’s immigration system treats families unequally by immigration category, by world region and by law.

Join the CCR’s family reunification campaign to raise awareness of the inequalities and press for fair and equal treatment for all.

Join the call for increased refugee resettlement and suspension of the Safe Third Country Agreement

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In the wake of the anti-refugee and anti-muslim measures adopted by President Trump, join the CCR in calling on the Canadian government to:

**Meet with your MP about Migrant Workers' Rights**

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Join the CCR and other allies in raising awareness about the lack of protections for migrant workers and their rights in Canada.

Talk to your MP about how the ways in which the federal TFWP and SAWP programs are constructed entrenches the vulnerability of migrant workers to abuse and exploitation. The government must change the two-tier, unequal system created by a revolving door of temporary migrant workers.

Take Action for Migrant Workers' Rights

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Tell the government that migrant workers in Canada must have rights.

Migrant workers’ need work permits that are not tied to a single employer!

Family reunification action

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Catherine's story

Catherine is desperately trying to be reunited with her two young daughters (3 and 5 years).

Refugee Rights Day 2016: April 4 activities

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The CCR invites groups to start planning activities for Refugee Rights Day!

April 4 is Refugee Rights Day in Canada: this day is the anniversary of the Supreme Court's 1985 Singh decision, which recognized that the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms protects refugees' fundamental rights.

The CCR encourages people to work together in local communities to:

  1.  Meet with their local MP
  2.  Organize panel discussions

We suggest that people focus on:

Option 2: Letters to Ministers

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Please write to the Minister of Finance and the Minister of Citizenship and Immigration to urge that the government absorb the costs of the transportation and overseas medical expenses for resettled refugees and dependants abroad of protected persons.

Here are some suggestions for your letters - please send letters* to both:

*Note:  you need to put a stamp on your letters to these addresses, unlike letters to Members of Parliament at the House of Commons address

Option 1: Postcards

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Order campaign postcards to send to the Minister of Finance, the Minister of Citizenship or your Member of Parliament. This will make a great action activity for your next community event!

To order, print, fill out and submit this form.

Here are some suggestions of what to write in the back of the postcards you print out and take with you:


Suggestions for text for postcards


SEND your postcard to:

Action suggestions for Canadians wanting to sponsor or assist Syrian refugees

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Thousands of people right across Canada have stepped up to respond to the Syrian refugee crisis.

The following are some action suggestions particularly suited for those inspired to privately sponsor refugees. (For basic information about private sponsorship, consult this document. For sponsorships in Quebec, please read this page.)

Call for participation: CCR Youth Network refugee photo project!

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As part of a joint CCR-Amnesty International refugee awareness campaign, the CCR Youth Network is launching a national youth project to highlight the faces and voices of former refugees.

We are looking for: