Membership and Joining the CCR

There’s no better time to become a CCR member!

If your organization is not yet a member of the CCR, you may be missing out on perks like event registration discounts, free webinars and online resources for CCR members only.

Interested in becoming a CCR member: apply for CCR membership

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CCR discussion

What brings you to the Canadian Council for Refugees (CCR)?

Join us! Become part of a vibrant and dynamic national network of over 180 organizations committed to refugee and migrant rights and the integration of newcomers.

We have been the national voice on refugee protection and newcomer settlement in Canada for more than 35 years.

Our member's issues get on the  immigration and refugee policy agenda in Canada.

We engage in dialogue with Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada, Canada Border Services Agency, the Immigration and Refugee Board and other levels of government to get our member's concerns heard in order to resolve problems affecting refugees, immigrants and vulnerable migrants to Canada.

The CCR has strong relationships with international partners and conducts research and advocacy towards common global goals to boost credibility with governments and intergovernmental organizations.

Many national media outlets also turn to the CCR as a reliable and accurate voice on breaking refugee and newcomer issues.

Learn more about the CCR, what we do and how you can get involved.

Know an individual or an organization that would make a great CCR member? Share these reasons to join the CCR with them.

Talking with others during a CCR Consultation Who are CCR members?

For reasons of continuity, participation and commitment we seek organizations as Members. Individuals can become Associate Members.

To be eligible for CCR membership, your group must be a Canadian non-profit organization concerned for the rights of refugees and other vulnerable migrants and for the settlement of refugees and immigrants in Canada.

What do members (organizations) get when joining the CCR?

The CCR serves the networking, information-exchange and advocacy needs of our members. (For information on additional membership categories and how to apply, select one of the options in the lefthand menu). Members receive:

Regular communications with analyses of policy changes, up-to-date information and tools to help with grassroots advocacy and public education efforts

"It’s an expression I never use, but now I must: what happened last evening was “totally awesome”! I sent off an urgent question on the CCRLIST, then I dashed off to the airport to meet new arrivals. When I returned home after midnight, there on my computer was an explosion of email responses – all helpful. I couldn’t believe it, but there it was. Even in the evening hours you are on duty! What an amazing community on this listserve! Thank you so much! Now this morning we have something to work with."  
– Tom Denton, Hospitality House, Winnipeg

Exclusive professional development opportunities for staff, volunteers and board members:CCR Consultation - Vancouver, May 2013

“As a Crisis Counselor working with immigrants faced with multiple and complex problems such legal, mental health, domestic violence, I need to provide general information about possible impact of these problems on their immigration status and refer them to appropriate resources. CCR webinars provide an opportunity to keep up-to-date with immigration trends, polices and laws and also a safe space for discussion and sharing of experiences.”

– Mira Musanovic, Crisis Intervention Counsellor, Immigrant Services Association of Nova Scotia (ISANS), Halifax

Privileged opportunities to contribute to a recognized, collective voice by:

  • Raising the volume on issues affecting refugees by bringing people together at national consultations and meetings

 “CCR consultations are an amazingly important opportunity to network and connect with other folks from across Canada who are passionate about welcoming refugees. 
As a small group of volunteers dedicated to sponsoring and resettling refugees to our small, rural, interior B.C. communities, we treasure CCR consultations as an opportunity to learn about what's new in the refugee world, find strength in our allies, hear what is happening in the cities and share what is happening in our little part of rural Canada.  We return revitalized and inspired by the courage and commitment of the brilliant refugee advocacy community we meet at CCR consultations.”

– Shauna Jimenez, East Kootenay Friends of Burma, Kimberley BC

Discussions at Overseas Protection and Sponsorship Working Group meeting


How can your group contribute to the CCR?

Voting on CCR policy positions and nominating candidates for election is only the beginning!

Our members also:

  • Bring forward new issues and concerns for advocacy and change

“As a faith based organization that sponsors refugees, we feel strongly about injustices such as threatening to lower the age of dependency for refugee children, but we can't take effective action on our own.  The OPS working group gives us a place to work together with like-minded people to share information and pursue justice for refugees.”

– Rose Dekker, previous Overseas Protection and Sponsorship Working Group co-chair and World Renew Refugee Coordinator

“In cases involving children who are separated from their parents and at risk, I ask the Canadian Council for Refugees to additionally advocate with Citizenship and Immigration Canada, and the impact is always obvious. In one such case a young boy from the DRC was reunited with his mother within 6 months, after she had been trying for over 5 years on her own to get him here.”

– Jennie Stone, Inter Clinic Immigration Working Group, Toronto

  • Comment in the media
  • Exchange and build working relationships with individuals and organizations involved in similar work


To be eligible for CCR membership, your group must be a Canadian non-profit organization concerned for refugees and for the settlement in Canada of refugees and immigrants. For reasons of continuity, participation and commitment we seek organizations as Members. Individuals can become Associate Members.

To become a Member, please fill out the CCR Member application form online and attach the required documents. Check the fee scale to pay according to your organization's budget.

All membership applications must be approved by the CCR Executive Committee. For the Committee to evaluate a CCR membership candidate the following information is needed:

  • completed application form, including attached copies of:
    • your organization's mission statement or constitution, or a description of the work it does relating to refugees and immigrants
    • a copy of the last completed financial report
    • confirmation that your Board or Executive Committee has endorsed application for membership in the CCR (minutes from the relevant Board or Executive meeting are good)
  • a cheque (or online payment if under $200) for the first year's membership

Once we receive your completed application, we will present it for approval to the next CCR Executive Committee meeting, and we will let you know the results.

Other types of membership

The CCR also has other membership categories of membership:

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How long is the CCR membership term for?

A. One calendar year - from 1 January to 31 December.

Q. How much are the membership fees? When are membership fees due?

A. Membership fees are calculated on a sliding scale based on your organization's annual budget. Click here for the fee scale.

We require that members pay their annual member dues by the Spring Consultation (May or June). If, for budgeting reasons, your organization is unable to pay its dues in the first month of any year, we are open to requests for an extension to accommodate your organization’s situation.

Starting in 2006, if we haven't received your organization's renewal dues by the Spring Consultation, or a request for postponement, we will no longer be able to consider you a member. Mailings, access to online accounts and other benefits will stop.

Q. How are members notified to renew their membership dues? 
A. The CCR office sends invoices to all its members in January, and a reminder notice one month before the Spring Consultation. If members have not paid by then, they can do so at the Spring Consultation registration desk.

Q. If a national organization joins the CCR (for example, the United Church of Canada's national office), can the branch offices or local parishes enjoy the benefits of membership?
A. The local bodies can benefit from the preferential CCR member registration rate at CCR Consultations. However, the mailings by the CCR office will be sent only to the designated member (the national office). To receive regular communications, the local bodies would have to take out their own membership. Note: there is only one vote per member organization.

Q. I'm with a CCR member organization.  How do I set up my personalized account on the CCR website?

A. Individuals affiliated with a CCR member organization (staff members, volunteers, members of the Board) can access information on the members-only section of the CCR website by setting up a personal account at:

Q. Is there a special membership rate for students?
A. Since the CCR is an umbrella association with primarily organizations and groups as its members, we do not have categories for individual membership other than Associate Member.

Contact Us

If you have questions about joining the CCR, your application, or online accounts contact Colleen French, Communication and Networking Coordinator, at 514-277-7223 ext. 1, or by email at

If you are an existing CCR member and have questions about your fees, or updated contact details please contact Elizabeth Docherty, Office Manager at 514-277-7223 ext. 4, or by email at

If you are not sure, contact either one!