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Action requests to members, May 2015

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Immigration and Settlement

  1. CCR members to use CCR's letter to CIC in response to 2015 settlement funding cuts to MPs to bring this to light in advance of federal elections.
  2. CCR members to support Migrant Workers Alliance for Change campaign for migrant workers right to remain in Canada.
  3. CCR members who have youth programming to hold regular youth-directed information sessions and workshops to identify emerging issues and appr

Action requests from November 2014 Working Group meetings

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Immigration and Settlement

1.  Migrant workers 

Background: The government of Canada implemented a rule in 2011 limiting migrant workers in the low-wage stream of the TFWP (previously known as the low-skill pilot project) to four years of work in Canada.

The first of these work permits are set to expire in April 2015. Thousands of migrant workers will be affected, and will have to either leave Canada or stay in the country as out-of-status migrants with all the implied vulnerabilities and risks.

Respond to Bill C-43: access to social assistance for claimants

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Bill C-43, the omnibus budget bill tabled on 23 October 2014, contains provisions that would allow provinces to reduce access to social assistance for refugee claimants and other people without permanent status in Canada. 

Share why are you proud to protect refugees

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Because I was protected 23 years agoLet’s change the conversation. Help promote a positive vision of what we want for refugees in Canada and of the important contributions refugees make to our communities.

Four Faces, Four Values in your Community: Stand Up! Get involved!

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Stand up!  Get involved!

Do you want to join with Canadians in standing up for a fair and independent refugee system? 

Do you want to help communicate to the public the importance of honouring our obligations towards refugees, through policies that are affordable for all?

Join us in communicating what we want for refugees in Canada!  Here's what you can do :

What do you want for refugees in Canada? Shout it out with a poster!

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4 Faces poster - womenWhat do you want for refugees in Canada?  Let others know by posting one of the CCR's posters!

Order copies from the CCR office.


Download copies and print them yourself:

- poster with four women