The Youth Action Gathering

About the Youth Action Gathering (YAG)

The CCR Youth Action Gathering is a national event for refugee and newcomer youth between the ages 16-25 from across Canada to meet at a national level to share, learn, and strategize together about how to address common challenge that young migrants face.

Connecting youth

The YAG is a one-of-a-kind event that creates a safe space for youth of all regions to build a national community of support and connection that persists even when they go back home. Although the CCR Youth Network uses different forms of electronic communication to continue our advocacy and work, the distance that separates us can sometimes be a challenge to ongoing and effective engagement. We plan YAGs to continue the momentum in meeting face to face at the national level.

The Youth Action Gathering also invites Indigenous youth to participate in our in-person event to build connection and solidarity between youth migrants and Indigenous youth across Turtle Island.

Guiding principle

The Youth Action Gathering is led by youth, made by youth, just for youth.

Event structure

As the YAG is designed to collectively identify priority concerns for ongoing action, our national event structure offers up to 5 sessions each day including workshops, plenary sessions, and informal caucuses on topics that concern the CCR Youth Network. The consultation format allows participants to learn about developments in particular areas of concern, and actively contribute to discussions while working together to amplify the voices of young newcomers and refugees in their communities across the country.

With the commitment and willingness to ongoing evaluation to improve and increase impact, the YAG concludes with a general meeting where top issues and priorities to work on for the following year are drafted and adopted.

After the YAG, the Youth Network will continue to engage regularly with YAG participants virtually and encourage youth to bring back their knowledge to their communities on the priority issues identified, with suggestions of simple actions provided.

The CCR Youth Network is guided by 6-9 youth newcomer leaders, known as the Core Team, who take the lead in supporting the planning, organization, and delivery of the YAG by taking on specific duties of the event responsibilities. The Youth Action Gathering is also supported by a YAG Committee that consists of CCR members and volunteers across Canada who work with youth newcomers themselves.


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