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Goals of the Canadian Council for Refugees' campaign

  • Permanent and fundamental change in policy so that trafficked persons in Canada are protected and their human rights respected.

  • Increased public awareness of the reality of trafficking in persons in Canada.

Guiding Principles

The CCR has identified the following principles to guide responses to trafficking:

  • Non-punitive: Measures must not penalize trafficked persons
  • Human rights: Measures must be guided by and be respectful of the human rights of trafficked persons
  • Economic rights: Measures must be guided by and be respectful of the economic rights of trafficked persons
  • Supportive services: There is a need for supportive services for trafficked persons
  • Gender and race analysis: A gender and race analysis should be brought to any consideration of trafficking issues
  • Inclusive of trafficked persons: Discussions about trafficked persons should include trafficked persons themselves

CCR Pan-Canadian Anti-Trafficking Network

    The CCR supports NGOs across Canada in their work on trafficking by:

    • Creating opportunities for information-exchange across the country;
    • Developing tools needed by organizations;
    • Making accessible useful resources to support outreach and awareness-raising on trafficking and to support services to trafficked persons.

    The CCR anti-trafficking network is guided by an Anti-Trafficking Committee. Learn more about the CCR pan-Canadian anti-trafficking network.

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    Because we are here, Because we are human

    Featured Resource: Human Trafficking and the Law: How to Protect Trafficked Persons

    This guide for legal practitioners provides information on how legal practitioners, especially immigration and refugee lawyers can recognize the signs of human trafficking, understand the provisions against human trafficking in Canadian law and the various legal remedies for supporting trafficking survivors, as well as understand best practices for respecting professional ethics. This resource seeks to improve access to legal services and to justice for trafficked persons and those at risk.

    Read the Guide here