Welcome to the Starter Toolkit for Awareness-Raising on Trafficking in Persons

This Starter Toolkit is intended for anyone wishing to start or enhance outreach and awareness-raising activities on trafficking in persons in their own communities, organizations and sectors.

What does it mean to raise awareness about trafficking?

Trafficking in persons can be a complex issue to explain. Raising awareness about the issue means:

  • Sharing and increasing knowledge about trafficking;
  • Speaking up about the key issues involving trafficking and facing trafficked persons in Canada;
  • Inspiring others to take action.

The toolkit highlights resources, both Canadian and international, that are used on a daily basis by organizations across Canada in their work on trafficking. The focus of the toolkit is primarily on the trafficking of non-citizens in Canada; however, resources can also offer useful guidance to those raising awareness about other trafficking situations. We hope to help groups and individuals learn from each other, build from tools that have already been developed and avoid duplicating work.

The toolkit includes:

  • Background information on trafficking in Canada and abroad;
  • An overview of the key issues faced by trafficked persons in Canada;
  • Suggestions for new groups to start awareness-raising activities and become involved;
  • Suggestions on how to start raising awareness in your own organization and/or sector;
  • Suggestions for  engaging volunteers in awareness-raising;
  • Practical information:

> Access to CCR database of anti-trafficking organizations across Canada;

> Toll-free numbers around the country.

As anti-trafficking initiatives evolve and awareness about the issue increases around Canada, we hope this toolkit will equally evolve and allow for contribution of more practical information and tools. Suggestions can be sent to: trafficking@ccrweb.ca.

The resources that are part of the toolkit and many more are also available online on the CCR’s Online Database of Human Trafficking Resources.