Root Causes

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It's time to address root causes of human trafficking in Canada

This means taking action on systemic inequalities that are the causes and consequences of trafficking.

We believe Canada needs to be accountable for its contribution to global displacement and to how it shapes migration policies at home. Temporary migration policies and programs, and punitive trafficking legislation undermine human rights. So do policies that perpetuate inequalities for women, girls, indigenous peoples. LGBTQ2SI and other vulnerable populations.

Below is some of our advocacy and awareness-raising work on root causes.

Resource Description Audience
Infographic on the case of Mexican migrant workers who were caught in a network of labour exploitation in Wasaga/Barrie Ontario. The root causes of this trafficking situation are linked to socio-economic conditions that drive migration from Mexico. The circumstances for these workers only became worse when they came to Canada. This case tells us that labour trafficking is very much alive in Canada but remedies are a struggle to access. Front-line agencies, advocates, policymakers

The CCR called on Canada to ratify the International Labour Organization (ILO) 2014 Protocol to the Forced Labour Convention. The Protocol has key measures to prevent trafficking for the purpose of forced labour. In 2019, Canada signed the Convention. We won!

The government introduced an omnibus crime bill in 2011 that amended the Immigration and Refugee Protection Act. The amendments fail to address the root causes of exploitation in Canada and are condescending to women.