Access to Justice

It's time to ensure effective access to justice

This means stronger human rights-based recourses, and implementing law reform that is non-punitive and recognizes trafficking in all its forms.

There are many access to justice barriers for trafficked persons, especially for those with precarious or undocumented status. Legal practitioners and service providers report this is the case whether seeking access to legal services or pathways to temporary or permanent protection. The system relies on a criminalization and rescue framework that can put trafficked persons at risk of detention and deportation, adding insult to injury. We want to remove these barriers to protection and strengthen remedies focusing on human rights and labour rights.

We have been working to shine light on these issues and on developing tools for advocates, front-line workers and allies:

Resource Description Audience

A report on what legal practitioners said needs to change to improve access to legal services for trafficked persons in Canada

A guide for legal practitioners and others who work to protect trafficked persons in Canada, or want to know more about barriers for trafficked persons. Legal practitioners, Service providers, Allies
A tip sheet on legal remedies for trafficked persons and those at risk. Legal practitioners, Service providers, Allies
A tip sheet on pathways to temporary and permanent immigration. Legal practitioners, Service providers, Allies