Goals of the Canadian Council for Refugees' campaign

  • Permanent and fundamental change in policy so that trafficked persons in Canada are protected and their human rights respected.

  • Increased public awareness of the reality of trafficking in persons in Canada.

Guiding Principles

The CCR has identified the following principles to guide responses to trafficking:

  • Non-punitive: Measures must not penalize trafficked persons
  • Human rights: Measures must be guided by and be respectful of the human rights of trafficked persons
  • Economic rights: Measures must be guided by and be respectful of the economic rights of trafficked persons
  • Supportive services: There is a need for supportive services for trafficked persons
  • Gender and race analysis: A gender and race analysis should be brought to any consideration of trafficking issues
  • Inclusive of trafficked persons: Discussions about trafficked persons should include trafficked persons themselves

CCR Pan-Canadian Anti-Trafficking Network


The CCR supports NGOs across Canada in their work on trafficking by:

  • Creating opportunities for information-exchange across the country;
  • Developing tools needed by organizations;
  • Making accessible useful resources to support outreach and awareness-raising on trafficking and to support services to trafficked persons.

The CCR anti-trafficking network is guided by an Anti-Trafficking Committee. Learn more about the CCR pan-Canadian anti-trafficking network.

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