Registration fees

CCR consultations unfortunately do not receive any financial support from the federal government. We must therefore rely on registration fees to cover the significant costs, including meeting rooms, audiovisual equipment, simultaneous translation, hospitality, etc, not to mention staff time on planning the consultation.

Given this situation, we count on all participants to contribute through paying their registration fees. Where necessary and appropriate, we can reduce or waive registration fees for speakers, but we hope that all speakers who can will contribute towards our costs.

We will also need to apply strictly the deadline for early registration rates, and charge the full amount for registrations paid by the registration deadline.  Please make sure you pay early if you want to benefit from the reduced fees.

We welcome any suggestions of organizations that might be willing to sponsor a particular workshop session or otherwise contribute financially to the success of the consultation.

You can also help by promoting participation at the CCR consultation. The more people paying registration fees, the easier it will be to cover the costs.