CCR Consultation Registration Process and Additional Information

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To benefit from early registration rates, the CCR must receive your registration payment by Friday 2 November

See below for information about:


Registration process

Please only start the registration process when you are ready to pay the fees (or have been approved for an exemption). If you are applying for the Amina Malko Fund, please wait until the application has been approved before you register. 

Registration fees

Fees paid by Friday 2 November benefit from a reduction.

Fees also vary depending on whether the participant is:

  • A representative of a CCR member
  • A representative of an NGO*
  • Other

For the list of all registration fees, please visit

* If you are with a non-governmental organization in Canada or you are an unaffiliated individual living in Canada, consider joining the CCR. Submit a complete membership application and your Consultation registration by 2 November to receive member registration rates.

Options to contribute financially to the Consultation

To help cover costs, we invite organizations to consider:

  • Sponsoring a session
  • General contribution

For details of the options, click here.

Payment options

  1. Cheques
  2. Credit cards: We accept VISA, VISA Debit and MasterCard.
  3. Direct deposit: Used for large payments (ex. group registrations)

If option 3 is selected, someone from the CCR office will contact you with more information on how to make the transfer of funds.

Group registrations

Every participant must be registered individually. However, they may make one lump sum payment for all participants coming from the same organization. To pay one lump sum payment for all participants, indicate the total amount to be paid in the first delegate’s registration under “Total fees”. In one of the comments boxes, indicate the names of the participants for whom the first delegate is making the payment. Proceed with making the payment (cheque, credit card, or other payment option (see above)).

Cancelling a registration

There will be a $20 charge for each cancelled registration up until 20 November 2018. No reimbursements will be possible thereafter.

Registration form for CCR members

Log in with your user account and go to

Don't yet have a user account? Go to

Not sure if your organization is a member? Go to

Registration for non-CCR members

To register, go to