Through refugees eyes they act

French title: 
Atelier jeunes
Description (English): 

The aim of the workshop is to present videos realized by Montreal youth and young refugees.

In partnership with UNHCR (The United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees), CSAI (Centre social d'aide aux immigrants) and FJSM (Forum jeunesse de Saint-Michel), young Montrealers and refugees worked together to create awareness videos about stereotypes and difficulties refugees face during their journey.

The themes of the videos are Identity, Education and The refugee.

Following the screening, a discussion will be guided by the young directors regarding the process of engaging young refugees in our communities but also encourage young Montrealer to become allies for refugee rights.

Description (French): 

Donnant suite à la réunion annuelle du Rassemblement Action jeunesse en octobre, l'atelier donnera une voix aux jeunes nouveaux arrivants afin de s'attaquer aux enjeux auxquels ils font faces tout en offrant un espace aux jeunes afin de partager et élaborer des pistes de solution à ces défis.

Group responsible: 
Youth Network
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