Violence against women and immigration policies

French title: 
La violence faite aux femmes et les politiques d'immigration
Description (English): 

This workshop will contextualize violence against women experienced by immigrant, refugee and non-status women, looking at how particular Canadian immigration policies put women at increased risk of violence.

Panellists will provide a better understanding of the ways different immigration processes and legislation can offer opportunities or limitations for women who have experienced/are experiencing gender-based violence. This workshop is for service providers including lawyers who support refugee, immigrant and non-status women who have experienced sexual assault, intimate partner violence and other forms of gender persecution.

Description (French): 

Cet atelier examinera l'impact de certaines politiques d'immigration sur les risques de violence faite aux femmes. Les personnes ressource se pencheront sur la nouvelle Résidence permanente conditionnelle, et un nouvel outil pour les femmes victimes de violence conjugale qui demandent la résidence permanente pour motif humanitaires.

Sponsored by: 
Dalhousie School of Social Work
Group responsible: 
Anti-oppression (IP and I&S)
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