Working Group meetings and General Meeting

Working Group meetings

Participate in the Working Groups to learn more about the issues, talk about new challenges and strategize about how to move forward collectively on our concerns. The Spring 2020 Working Group meetings, like the rest of the consultation, will be held virtually.

Since the Working Group meetings are closed to government, there is a separate free of charge registration process. Members should sign in with their user account to see the registration link.

Working group meetings are your opportunity to discuss action items and resolutions from the workshops, as well as other recommendations for collective action.

Attend as many working groups as are of interest.

Working group meetings will last 2 hours and start at:

2pm Eastern 
3:30pm Newfoundland
3pm Atlantic
1pm Central
12 noon Mountain
11am Pacific

2 June: Inland Protection (includes refugee claimants and detention in Canada)

3 June: Immigration and Settlement (includes migrant worker issues)

4 June:  Overseas Protection and Resettlement (overseas refugee issues and resettlement)

5 June: Joint Working Group meeting on advocacy in a pandemic and post-pandemic context

* Working Group meetings are closed to government and media.

General Meeting

The CCR's Spring General meeting will take place 12 June (at the same times and also for two hours). We will debate CCR policy on new issues through resolutions and review key issues that have emerged through the consultation discussions. Proposed resolutions will be sent to members ahead of the meeting, as well as information about how to vote virtually.