Legal Case Study Hack - Access to Justice for Trafficked Persons - Vancouver


BC Federation of Labour
5118 Joyce Street, Suite 200
Vancouver BC V5R 4H1

SAVE THE DATE: TUESDAY 28 May 2019, Vancouver


This in-person networking and training meeting will explore legal strategies for responding to trafficked persons cases. Using case examples, participants will brainstorm on appropriate recourses and best practices for responding to trafficked persons situations, and how to improve collaboration in these responses.

The meeting takes place directly before the CCR Spring Consultation, 30 May - 1 June 2019 in Victoria.

This regional meeting is being hosted by the Migrant Workers' Centre in Vancouver in collaboration with the Canadian Council for Refugees.

Who should attend?

This knowledge-sharing session is designed for all who work to strengthen access to justice and protection for trafficked persons and those who fall along the spectrum of exploitation.

Immigration and refugee lawyers, service providers, front-line workers at NGOs and other advocates are welcome to attend.

We will expect participants to have some knowledge of human trafficking and labour exploitation (

How to get ready for the meeting?

Please consult the following resources prior to attending the event:

Join us for the meeting on May 28!

RSVP online by May 22, 2019. RSVP early as spaces are limited.

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