National Forum on Trafficking 2014

10am to 5pm

Crowne Plaza Gatineau-Ottawa, 2 Montcalm Street
Chateauneuf room
Gatineau QC

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CCR National Forum on Trafficking in Persons

Gatineau, 26 November 2014

The Canadian Council for Refugees (CCR) will be organizing its annual National Forum on Trafficking in Persons in Gatineau on 26 November 2014 as part of the CCR Fall 2014 Consultation

The Forum provides a space for networking, sharing information, best practices and strategy development to better meet the needs of trafficked persons in Canada. The Forum also works towards identifying and analyzing policy concerns in order to establish priorities and specific actions to better protect the rights of trafficked persons in Canada.

The Forum discussion will address issues that affect trafficked persons and those working to protect trafficked persons and to increase public awareness of trafficking.


This Forum will be primarily hosting NGOs, service providers and settlement organizations working with trafficked persons and who are involved in work on trafficking of non-citizens and other trafficking situations in Canada. Academics and others interested in acting in response to trafficking issues are welcome to attend.

Government and law enforcement representatives working on issues affecting trafficked persons in Canada are also invited to participate - if you are interested in attending these events, kindly send an email to


Trafficking Forum: Wednesday, 26 November 10am - 5pm. This is the day before the CCR Fall Consultation (27 – 29 November 2014, see

Trafficking Workshop: Thursday, 27 November 1:30pm - 3pm. A workshop will also be held as part of the CCR Fall Consultation the following day in the afternoon (see description here). Join us for both!


The objectives of the Forum are:

  • To strengthen the pan-Canadian network of NGOs, service providers and others working to protect trafficked persons and to increase public awareness of trafficking in Canada;
  • To share experiences, responses and effective strategies around awareness-raising on trafficking and providing services to trafficked persons;
  • To identify and analyze emerging needs, policy concerns and priorities to improve protection measures for trafficked persons in Canada;
  • To discuss strategies and specific actions for further collaboration to address the barriers faced.

Some of the issues for discussion include:

  • Changing trends and emerging needs
  • Issues affecting trafficked persons, including trafficked non-citizens
  • Policy analysis: policy status, gaps, concerns and priorities
  • Addressing definition challenges and their operational impacts
  • Effective resources and best practices


Planning to attend the CCR Fall Consultation?

When you register for the Consultation, please check off to indicate that you plan to attend the Trafficking Forum. No additional fee will be charged meeting participants attending the CCR Consultation. Registration forms and payment must be received by 7 November to take advantage of the reduced rate. See CCR Meetings for further information and online registration forms.

If you are not attending the CCR Consultation:

We are charging a fee of $30 to cover the basic meeting costs.

Registration for the Forum and workshop is now open:

Trafficking Forum and Workshop: We encourage you to attend both the Wednesday Forum and the Thursday trafficking workshop (fee for the two: $50).

Please note: If the fee is an obstacle to your attendance, please indicate so on your registration form in order to be considered for a fee deduction or waiver.


Participants at the Forum are welcome to stay at the Crowne Plaza Gatineau-Ottawa at the same reduced rates as Consultation participants. For details, please consult:


If you have questions, please email us at, or call Samanta García at 514-277-7223, Ext. 6.

Spreading the word

We encourage you to promote this Forum and the workshop by passing this invitation to others who might be interested in attending and by posting this invitation or the event description on your organization's newsletter, on your website, and by promoting the events at meetings. 

We hope you will be able to join us!


Learn about last year's Forum here: