17. Official proclamation of Refugee Rights Day

Nov 2004
  1. The Singh decision of 1985 is significant in establishing refugees’ rights to fundamental justice;
  2. NGOs and other refugee advocates commemorate the Singh decision in Canada on April 4, Refugee Rights Day.
Therefore be it resolved:

That the CCR urge different levels of government in Canada to proclaim April 4 as Refugee Rights Day, by the 25th anniversary in 2010.

Working Group:

13. Backlash against Muslim and Arab communities

May 2003
  1. People of Arab descent and Muslims of various ethnicities are experiencing being the target of increased discrimination, harassment and racialization following the events of September 11, 2001;
  2. Many such victims are reticent out of fear of making public such targeting;
  3. There is a need to broaden public awareness of what is happening in our communities concerning this targeting;
Therefore be it resolved:

That the CCR identify and promote existing materials and work with other groups in facilitating the development of an educational component for public awareness, including the possibility of producing a video, focusing on post September 11 targeting and profiling of Arabs and Muslims in our communities.

Working Group:

3. Contributions of refugees and immigrants

Nov 1996
  1. The federal government has recognized the need to build welcoming communities as an integral component of successful settlement.
  2. The CCR has repeatedly (resolution 7, June 94; resolution 3, Nov. 94 and resolution 20, May 95) called upon the government to address the increasing backlash against refugees and immigrants.
  3. The media plays a determining role in shaping public opinion.
  4. There has been no significant proactive leadership role on the part of the federal government in highlighting the contributions of immigrants and refugees, and the role of settlement agencies through the mass media.
Therefore be it resolved:

That the CCR:

  1. Call on the federal government to launch a large-scale, proactive mass media campaign to promote the contributions of refugees and immigrants.
  2. Urge that this campaign include significant input from refugee, immigrant and settlement communities and their advocacy agencies.