Video-conference hearings

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Resolution number: 
November 1998
  1. The Immigration and Refugee Board has begun to conduct refugee hearings using video-conferencing whereby IRB members in one city conduct hearings on claimants in another city;
  2. The IRB has done no analysis of the impact of such video-conference hearings on the ability of claimants to have a fair hearing;
  3. The use of video-conference hearings is contrary to the IRB's own stated policy of making the setting of refugee claims less intimidating and less formal;
  4. The use of video-conferencing for refugee hearings is a denial of due process to refugee claimants;
  5. Videoconferencing is also being used in detention reviews, similarly compromising the rights of detainees to a fair hearing;
Therefore be it resolved: 

That the CCR call upon the IRB to immediately stop the use of video-conferencing for the conducting of refugee claim hearings and detention reviews.

Working Group: 
Inland Protection