Mental Health and Detention - part 1

Resolution number

there are numerous gaps in services for immigrants and refugees with mental health issues and serious problems with the legal framework

Therefore be it resolved

that the CCR advocate in favour of:

  1. The right to State-funded counsel for persons with mental health issues.
  2. Access to mental health services for persons in detention, including assessment, counselling, and treatment.
  3. Training on mental health issues for all CBSA officers, IRB members, designated representatives and other stakeholders.
  4. Guidelines to provide for flexibility to enable PIF or BOC amendments without consequences for refugee claimants and
  5. Relaxed timelines for all vulnerable persons.
  6. Repeal IRPA sections 64 (2) (no appeal for a person with a sentence of 2 years or more) and 68 (a) (automatic termination of stays of removal in the event of subsequent conviction.
Working Group
Inland Protection