IRB appointments

Resolution number
  1. The CCR has passed res. 11, May 1992; res. 23 November 1993 and res. 29, June 1994.
  2. Appointments to the Immigration and Refugee Board remain political, despite the existence of an advisory committee on appointments.
  3. This politicization manifests itself not only in poorly qualified candidates being appointed or reappointed, but as well, highly qualified candidates not being appointed or reappointed.
  4. The continued political nature of appointments means that there remains a core of Immigration and Refugee Board Refugee Division members who are not capable of functioning competently without the assistance of another Refugee Division member present at the hearing to assist them.
Therefore be it resolved

That the CCR call on the Minister of Citizenship and Immigration to:

  1. Withdraw from Bill C-49 the proposal that Refugee Division panels be reduced from two to one.
  2. Stop the appointment of IRB members based on political factors and instead base such decisions on the merit and competence of candidates.
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Inland Protection