Equitable Enforcement

Resolution number
  1. Temporary Foreign Workers are vulnerable to exploitation and abuse with numerous documented cases;
  2. Their vulnerability is increased by contraventions of IRPA committed by employers and recruiters;
  3. There are limited or no resources for mandatory monitoring and enforcement;
  4. When there is no system of enforcement, Temporary Foreign Workers are the ones penalized, resulting in further victimization;
Therefore be it resolved

That the CCR:

  1. Advocate for provincial governments to protect Temporary Foreign Workers’ rights through workplace audits and enforcement of appropriate legislation, including criminal, against employers and recruiters.
  2. Advocate that the federal government:
  1. Prosecute recruiters and employers who contravene IRPA.
  2. Put in place a mechanism and systems to protect rather than penalize Temporary Foreign Workers who have contravened IRPA as a result of victimization by recruiters and employers;
  3. Enter into international agreements whereby Canada and the source countries of Temporary Foreign Workers agree to prohibit the charging to the workers of recruitment and placement fees.
Working Group
Immigration and Settlement