Request for CCR approval of photography, filming and audio recording

Anyone wishing to record during CCR sessions must make a request by the deadline set.  The request must be in writing and provide details regarding the purpose, the use that will be made of the recording and the ways in which the project supports the CCR’s mission and policies.

The decision to grant or deny the request will be made by staff and designated Executive members.

Those approved will have a separate additional badge saying PHOTO.

Criteria for evaluating requests

Requests for recording will be approved by the CCR if:

  1. The project advances the mission of the CCR.
  2. The project adheres to principles of anti-oppression.
  3. The project is clear.
  4. There is no reason to doubt that the instructions will be respected.
  5. There is no reason to doubt that the CCR and all participants will be treated respectfully.
  6. The proposed recordings will not impede participants’ full participation in discussions (usually this will mean filming or audio-recording only participants who freely accept to be recorded).

(model request form for authorized recording)





1) Please provide details regarding the purpose and the use or uses that will be made of the recording.

2) Explain how the project supports the CCR’s mission and policies.

3) Identify the session or sessions at which you wish to record and exactly what you wish to record (maximum 3).

4) I have read the instructions for authorized photography, filming and audio recording at CCR Consultations and I agree to adhere to them.

Please submit the completed request form no later than 10 November by email to

Instructions for authorized recording at CCR Consultations

These instructions are for persons acting for the CCR, or for a purpose specifically approved by CCR in advance.

The CCR is committed to protecting the anonymity and privacy of those persons who do not want to be photographed, filmed or audio-recorded.  These instructions are intended to fulfill this commitment.

  1. If you are recording outside the CCR sessions (e.g. in the coffee area or lobbies, or before or after a workshop session), you must FIRST explain the purpose and obtain the permission of each person photographed, filmed or recorded.
  2. If you are recording during CCR sessions (workshops, plenary sessions, working group meetings), you must:
  • Speak with the moderators of the CCR session in which you wish to record BEFORE THE SESSION BEGINS.  Notwithstanding the fact that you are acting with CCR approval, the moderators may decide that recording their session will be disruptive and decline permission, which you must respect.  If they agree to the recording, they will explain the purposes of your recording to participants at the beginning of the session.
  • Respect all requests to be excluded from recordings. In particular, you must respect the ‘no recording area’ of the session spaces.
  • Erase any recording on request by an individual that has been recorded.
  1. Additional specific instructions may be added depending on the particular conditions for the permission granted by the CCR.

If these rules are not respected, approval for recording during sessions will be revoked.


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