Toolkit: Promoting and Raising Awareness on Refugee Rights

How can you make the most of this Toolkit?

Different resources can be used individually or you can mix and match resources relevant for your purposes.

For example, if your goal is to meet with your Member of Parliament (MP) to advocate for equal resettlement for refugees from all regions, and you want to mobilize a group of people in your community, you could use the following documents and adapt them to your needs:

Raising Refugee Voices

It is essential to include refugees in advocacy that relates to their rights. The Power Wheel and other anti-oppression resources, found here:, help to amplify refugee voices by helping refugees to build skills for public speaking, to reach out to media, and to advocate to policy makers. These resources include: the CCR Anti-Oppression Policy, A short guide of Training for Moderator, the CCR Youth Anti-oppression training, as well as the CCR Guiding Statement on Indigenous Peoples. Think consciously and act on what you discover about how to be a good ally:

  • Acknowledge your own privilege  
  • Invite refugee participation
  • Respect the form of participation chosen by refugees
  • Support refugees in advocating for themselves

For a complete list of resources related to the toolkit, click here.