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Letter to the Minister regarding the immigration measures in response to the Ukraine crisis

On March 18, the CCR wrote to the Minister Sean Fraser, Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada, with recommendations and concerns about the Canadian immigration measures in response to the invasion of Ukraine.

In this letter, we highlighted that:

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On International Workers Day, Migrant Workers are still Precarious and Unsupported

This International Workers Day, migrant workers in Canada are still waiting for the federal government to take substantive action to protect them from exploitation and to recognize the value of their contribution to the Canadian economy and communities.

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Celebrating diversity and the tradition of welcome this holiday season

This holiday season, the Canadian Council for Refugees invites Canadians to rejoice in the ways in which our communities and our own lives are enriched by welcoming newcomers.

Over the past year, tens of thousands of children, women and men who have lived through unspeakable horrors have found refuge and a safe home here. All who played a part in welcoming refugees have been reminded that we gain most when we give to others.

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2017 Immigration Levels - Comments

Overall levels

  • The CCR welcomes the fact that, at 300,000 new permanent residents, the overall immigration level for 2017 remains above the levels in recent years (the average annual level 2000-2015 was 250,000). Nevertheless, we are disappointed that the number is not higher. CCR believes that immigration levels should be set at a minimum of 1% of the population (which would be 350,000).
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