Take action to make family reunification for all!

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Make family reunification for all!Family reunification for all

All families have equal value. However, Canada’s immigration system treats families unequally by immigration category, by world region and by law.

Join the CCR’s family reunification campaign to raise awareness of the inequalities and press for fair and equal treatment for all.

Take action around Refugee Rights Day, 4 April, so that all newcomer families are treated equally:

Meet with your Member of Parliament to make family reunification for all

Organize a public forum on barriers facing separated families

See a listing of events

  • Gather a planning team with representatives from organizations supporting the Family reunification for all! Campaign
    • What are the goals and objectives of your forum? Who will your forum address? What are you asking forum participants to do? What is the change you want, who needs to be involved in making these changes?

The answers will guide: the content of the forum, who you will invite to speak, who you will invite to attend, what you will ask them to do.


  • Sharing experiences to press for policy change with Members of Parliament (Members of Parliament, provincial or municipal representatives, school officials). Example from Kitchener-Waterloo: a public forum with Members of Parliament outlining the impacts of delays in family reunification
  • Training to assist case workers and legal professionals - Family Reunification Practical Guide, Training Webinar
  • Sharing practical information for people directly affected by policies.

For general, forum logistical organizing tips, click here.

Tips for a successful forum

  • Involve people with lived experience in the planning, presentation and follow up your forum. Click here for tips on working with affected people in public presentations
  • Ensure your forum reaches community partners (examples: medical professionals, teachers and school officials, post-secondary students, legal professionals, faith groups, refugee private sponsors):
    • Invite them to the forum. Make clear how Family reunification for all! Is relevant to their work during presentations.
    • At the end of the forum, invite participants to take specific actions that support the forum’s goals
    • Follow up after the forum. Find out how you can work together for family reunification for all
  • Get the wider community involved. Send out a press release to get media coverage of the forum.


Speak up for speedy family reunification online

Are you or your organization an active Twitter or Facebook user? Share why you are calling for Family reunification for all on 4 April. Tell others how they can get involved.

Don't forget to share them with your Member of Parliament online too. Click here to find out how to contact your Member of Parliament on Twitter and Facebook.

Here are some key facts and stories to share with others on social media: 

On Facebook:

Share these images, or your own, on why we need family reunification for all:

Call for family reunification for all
Refugee families from Africa wait years longer Not all families are treated equally

Examples of refugee families:

Help Saikou reunite with his mother Help Philomène to reunite with her daughters at risk
Three years to reunite children with their parents  

Examples of live-in caregivers' families:

Help Jennylynn reunite with her children Caring for a Canadian family, separated from her own

Tips for groups using Facebook

Tips for groups using Instagram and other platforms

Tips to deal with unwanted interactions online

On Twitter:

Share these tweets or create your own with the hashtag #4allfamilies #cdnpoli #cdnimm and #cdnrfg

Tweet your Member of Parliament! Click here to find their Twitter username.

If you receive any specific responses, please let us know at @ccrweb or families@ccrweb.ca

Attach one of the images above to your tweet so that your message goes further:

All families are equal. [add your MP's Twitter name] call for equal treatment for all families bit.ly/4allfamilies #4allfamilies #cdnrfg #cdnimm #cdnpoli

Live-in caregiver families wait years to reunite. End this discrimination[add your MP's Twitter name]: bit.ly/4allfamilies #4allfamilies #cdnrfg #cdnimm #cdnpoli 

Some refugee kids are barred from reuniting with family. End Reg 117(9)(d) [add your MP's Twitter name] bit.ly/4allfamilies #4allfamilies #cdnrfg #cdnimm #cdnpoli

Refugee families barred from reuniting in Canada. End Reg. 117(9)(d) [add your MP's Twitter name] bit.ly/4allfamilies #4allfamilies #cdnrfg #cdnimm #cdnpoli

Canada bars some refugee families from reuniting. End Reg. 117(9)(d) [add your MP's Twitter name] bit.ly/4allfamilies #4allfamilies #cdnrfg #cdnimm #cdnpoli

[add your MP's Twitter name] Families from Africa wait years longer to reunite than other #cdnimm families. bit.ly/4allfamilies #4allfamilies #cdnrfg #cdnpoli

Stop discriminatory immigration practices. Equal treatment for all families now. bit.ly/4allfamilies #4allfamilies #cdnrfg #cdnpoli

[add your MP's Twitter name] Wait times of up to 5 years for families to reunite are unacceptable. bit.ly/4allfamilies #4allfamilies #cdnrfg #cdnpoli

[add your MP's Twitter name] Children should never be victims of immigration policies. Speed up family reunification bit.ly/4allfamilies #4allfamilies #cdnrfg #cdnpoli

Tips for groups using Twitter