Program, CCR consultation, 24-26 November 2022

Thursday 8:30am - 9am

  • Orientation Session

    Organized by: Executive

Thursday 9am - 10am

  • Working Group meetings Part 1

    This is an opportunity to be introduced to the three Working Groups (Overseas Protection and Resettlement, Inland Protection and Immigration and Settlement) and their key current issues. Participants will find out how they can move an issue forward through proposing an action or resolution, connect with others with similar concerns and identify emerging issues for discussion at part 2 of the Working Group meetings (Friday November 25)

    *Working Group meetings are closed to government and media.

Thursday 10:30 - 12 noon

  • Opening Plenary Fall 2022

    The opening plenary will feature a welcome and introduction to the consultation. Our keynote speaker, Debbie Douglas, Executive Director of OCASI, will reflect on our consultation theme: "Towards equity and anti-racism in Canada’s immigration system"

    Organized by: Executive

Thursday 1:30pm - 3pm

  • Mitigating the housing crisis in Canada

    Through a small group discussion, this workshop will address the understanding of the housing situation and how it affects refugees, migrants and those with precarious status. Understand barriers to finding housing and what problems these groups face in particular. What can we do to address/mitigate these barriers?

    Organized by: I&S (anti-oppression)
  • Sponsor capacity: moving towards solutions

    In recent years, more and more obstacles have been added to the sponsorship program (PIF, report forms, limitations on the number of applications, etc.). This workshop aims to find possible solutions to enhance the ability to sponsor.

    Organized by: OPR
  • Mental health and the realities of detention

    What can be done to minimize the impact of detention on mental health? This workshop will examine best practices and solutions, including through appropriate support services within detention centres and effective alternatives to detention.

    Organized by: IP
  • Improving How We Support People In Their Immigration & Refugee Processes

    This workshop will share draft tools and policies that have been developed to help NGOs improve the ways they support people in their immigration and refugee processes. Participants will have an opportunity in small and large groups to engage in meaningful discussion, offer feedback and explore opportunities for implementation.

    Main objective:

    • Get feedback on draft tools/policies that aim to elevate the quality of services NGOs provide.
    • Exchange of perspectives on how to implement the developed tools/policies (and obstacles) within our organizations.
    Organized by: Executive

Thursday 3:30pm - 5pm

  • Dialogue with government: refugee claimant issues

    This workshop will provide an opportunity to discuss with the government current issues facing refugee claimants in Canada.

    Organized by: Executive/IP
  • Migrant Youth as Agents of Change

    This workshop will look at the structural barriers that migrant youth face to access and exercise power, and how despite those barriers they continue to be forces of change for migrant and refugee rights in Canada. Participants will interact with a panel of prominent migrant youth activists, who will share tools to create more inclusive spaces that enable substantive youth participation.

    Organized by: Executive
  • Delays, Discrepancies, and Differences in Family Reunification

    In this workshop, we will speak about the delays, differences and discrepancies in family reunification processing times and comparing the numbers of family class applications that are received, processed, and approved.

    Organized by: I&S
  • The climate emergency and forced displacement

    This workshop will outline ways in which the deepening climate crisis is expected to impact on forced migration worldwide, and provide an opportunity to discuss ways forward for the resettlement community in its relations with volunteers, policymakers, media, potential allies and those seeking refuge themselves.

    Organized by: OPR

Friday 9am - 10am

  • Caucus: Broadening options for family reunification for refugees

    Many people turn to private sponsorship to respond to displaced family members, because Canada's family reunification program is very narrow. This caucus will provide an opportunity to brainstorm possible ways to broaden avenues for family reunification.

    Organized by: Overseas Protection and Resettlement
  • Caucus: Youth Network

    Migrant youth are incredible agents of change in Canada, however, the barriers they face deserve more recognition and resolution. The CCR Youth Network provides refugee and newcomer youth a voice to address challenges faced by young migrants and a space to share ideas on how to meet these challenges. In our Youth Caucus, we invite ALL youth newcomer and refugee participants (ages 16 - 30) to join us in a youth-only space where we can discuss priorities in advocacy for youth migrants with the CCR, from mental health, to anti-racism, to settlement, and beyond. We look forward to having you there!

    Organized by: Youth Network
  • Caucus: End Exploitation- Open Work Permits for Migrant Workers NOW

    This caucus session will inform participants about the Open Work Permits Now Campaign and how employer-specific work permits are one of the reasons for the rampant abuse migrant workers are facing. A facilitated discussion will encourage participants to share ideas and strategies demanding more policy actions by the government to address the exploitation of migrant workers in Canada.  

    This session will be closed to government.

    Organized by: I&S (caucus)
  • Caucus: African Refugee Network

    Refugees from Africa are still faced with multiple barriers in accessing protection. The African Refugee Network (ARN) caucus will provide an opportunity for stocktaking where refugees from Africa stand in terms of gaining equitable protection and establish advocacy priorities for the  coming year. The caucus will also offer an opportunity for a discussion on ARN’s contributions towards CCR's input to the IRCC Anti-Racism Strategy.

  • Caucus: Supporting people in removal proceedings

    This session will begin with a short presentation on a new resource developed for refused refugee claimants who are facing removal. Participants will be asked to share experiences and strategies related to supporting people in removal proceedings.

    This session will be closed to government.

    Organized by: Inland Protection

Friday 10:30am - 12 noon

  • Plenary: CCR in a new era

    This will be an opportunity to learn more about CCR's strategic plan and new leadership model, to hear from various CCR representatives about their role within CCR, and to find out how to get more involved in the CCR as we prepare for an important transition.

    Organized by: Executive

Friday 1:30 - 3pm

  • Border Injustice

    Ever wondered why year after year, the CCR and many others across Canada have been calling status regularization and immigration status for all? Come to this session to learn about the fundamental injustice of borders, and how that is reinforced with narratives of fear around national security. Together, let’s shift the narrative and fight for justice.

    Organized by: I&S
  • Transforming our organizations to be anti-racist

    Through a roundtable discussion, CCR members will be invited to share their experience in combating racism in our organizations and society. Participants will also have an opportunity to share their experiences on anti-racism initiatives led by racialized refugees and migrants, their successes and challenges and what they have learned.

    Organized by: Executive
  • Demystifying the removal process

    Thousands of people are quietly removed from Canada every year by the CBSA, with a relatively high compliance rate from those being removed. This workshop will share information about this non-transparent process. Service providers will be encouraged to share how they support people facing removal.

    Organized by: IP
  • Capturing the best of Canada’s Resettlement Models

    After a short overview of key elements and innovations of Canada’s resettlement models in the 20 years of the Immigration and Refugee Protection Act, and of CCR advocacy on these issues, participants will break into small groups to share experiences and identify positive elements and key principles to be retained going forward and innovations to be considered.

    Organized by: OPR

Friday 3:30pm - 5:30pm

  • Working Group meetings, Part II

    In this second part of the working group meetings, participants will discuss follow up to the workshops and other strategies for collaboration, for action and for policy development. All participants who are not representing government should attend one of the Working Group meetings:

    Working group meetings are closed to government employees and media. Representatives of inter governmental organizations (IOM, UNHCR) are encouraged to attend as observers.

Saturday 9am - 10:30am

  • Afghan Refugees: Humanizing the Crisis

    Through this Workshop, participants will have the opportunity to learn about the history and background of the issues that have led to the current crisis in Afghanistan. The session will also examine the situation that Afghan refugees are faced with in neighboring countries. The workshop will feature four resource persons. Following the presentation, participants will be invited to share their current experiences with resettlement and raise issues, comments, and concerns regarding the commitment of the Canadian Government and decide on the next actions to help mitigating the Afghan refugee crisis in and out of Canada. 



    Organized by: I&S
  • Who's In, Who's Out: Border Eligibillity

    Participants will be trained to understand who is eligible to make a refugee claim in Canada, particularly in light of changes in the Canadian refugee determination system. The difference between legal advice and legal information will also be explored.

    Organized by: IP
  • Racial equity in immigration and refugee systems

    More than ever we want to eradicate the racism plaguing the immigration system (for example, processing times, inequities in special measures, racial profiling by border agents). We plan to identify priorities to work on towards this goal.

    Organized by: Joint all working groups

Saturday 11am - 1pm

  • Closing plenary Fall 2022

    Participants will review highlights of the consultation and debate resolutions. The session will include the CCR Annual General Meeting, with the election of Executive members. 

    In addition, Janet Dench, CCR's outgoing Executive Director, will provide reflections.

    Organized by: Executive