Program, CCR consultation, Spring 2019

For the overall agenda, see the consultation program.

Thursday 8:30am - 9am

Orientation session

Are you attending a CCR Consultation for the first time? Join this session to learn about the CCR, answer some common questions about the Consultation and meet some friendly faces.

Organized by: Executive

Thursday 9am - 10am

Working Group meetings, Part I

All participants who are not representing government should attend the Working Group meetings on Monday morning. These meetings will frame the discussions and introduce the issues to be addressed during the consultation. It is also a great way to start connecting with other participants.

Depending on your interests, choose which working group to attend:

Working group meetings are closed to government employees and media. Representatives of inter governmental organizations (IOM, UNHCR) are encouraged to attend as observers.

Thursday 10:30 - 12 noon

Opening Plenary Spring 2019

The opening plenary will provide a welcome and introduction to the consultation.

Our keynote speaker is Carey Newman, who will help us explore the theme of the consultation Roots: Reconciling the global with the local. This theme invites us to deepen the dialogue about newcomer settlement on Indigenous land, and build bridges with Indigenous People.

Carey Newman or Hayalthkin’geme is a multi-disciplinary artist and master carver. Through his father he is Kwakwak’awakw from the Kukwekum, Giiksam, and WaWalaby’ie clans of Fort Rupert, and Coast Salish from Cheam of the Sto:lo Nation along the upper Fraser Valley. Through his mother he is English, Irish, and Scottish. In his artistic practice he strives highlight either Indigenous, social, or environmental issues. He is also interested in engaging with community and incorporating socially innovative practice into his artistic process. Carey’s most recent major work, the Witness Blanket, made of items collected from Residential Schools, Government Buildings and Churches across the Canada, deals with the subject of Reconciliation. 

Organized by: Executive

Thursday 12:15 - 1:15pm

Lunch session with Dr. Saime Ozcurumez

Dr. Saime Ozcurumez is an Associate Professor in the Department of Political Science and Public Administration in Bilkent University (Turkey).

She will be talking about Refugees and Social Cohesion Policies, through the Experiences of the European Union. The title of her presentation is 'Responding to Forced Migration and Refugees with Innovative Policies: Examining Europe and Turkey'. Why and how are protracted displacement and social cohesion linked in coping with mass influx?

Based on the recent experience from Turkey, this presentation develops an emerging social cohesion model examining the policy transformation from humanitarian protection to social integration.

Thursday 1:30pm - 3pm

Group of Five / community sponsorships

This workshop will provide an opportunity to discuss particular issues related to private sponsorships submitted by Groups of Five (Groups of 2-5 in Quebec) and Community Sponsors.

Organized by: OPR

International Students: Between data and reality

This workshop will explore the diversity of voices across the country about international students' status, their eligibility to becoming permanent residents and the role of educational institutions in this process. 

Organized by: Immigration & Settlement

Towards a Housing Solution for Refugee Claimants

An increasing number of refugee claimants who enter Canada to seek protection encounter challenges in accessing safe, suitable and affordable housing. This workshop will explore successful models in addressing the housing needs of refugee claimants.

Organized by: Inland Protection

Building Bridges: settlement on Indigenous lands

This is part 1 of a session designed to promote dialogue between Indigenous communities and the refugee and newcomer serving sector.

Participants will learn about the history and current realities of the Indigenous Peoples in the territories around Victoria.

Organized by: Executive

Thursday 3:30pm - 5pm

Building Bridges : Dialogue about newcomer settlement on Indigenous land contd')

This is part 2 of a session designed to promote dialogue between Indigenous communities and the refugee and newcomer serving sector.

Participants will hear some Indigenous perspectives on how the immigration and refugee sectors can most constructively build relationships with Indigenous Peoples. 

Organized by: Executive

Migrant workers: National and Global Context

This workshop aims to inform about three recent changes involving migrant workers in Canada. It also gives a larger context drawing from what is taking place internationally.

Organized by: Immigration and Settlement

Sharing best practices between settlement organizations and sponsors

This workshop will explore how front line settlement staff and private sponsors can work better together. With a focus on positive examples of what is currently working across the country, we will discuss respective roles and responsibilities and how to respond to common sponsorship needs and challenges.

Organized by: Joint workshop - OPR and I&S

Legal Aid: Equal Access to Justice

The workshop will explore legal aid services across the country and how legal representation (and/or the lack thereof) impacts outcomes in the refugee determination process. We will look at the various approaches taken by different provinces and aim to identify best practices, and creative community based solutions to enhance access to representation for individuals across the country. 

Organized by: Inland Protection

Friday 9am - 10am

Plenary with Richard Wex, Chairperson of the Immigration and Refugee Board

Richard WexThis session will provide an opportunity to hear from and discuss issues with Richard Wex, the chairperson of the Immigration and Refugee Board.

Organized by: Executive

Friday 10:30am - 12 noon

Public opinion

This session, organized by all three working groups, is an opportunity to share information about campaigns to increase public support for refugees and other vulnerable migrants and to strategize together, particularly in the context of the upcoming federal elections.

This session is closed to government and media.

Organized by: Joint strategy session

New perspectives on detention

The aim of this workshop is to provide a first hand account of detention conditions for non-citizen detainees from the perspective of advocates who work in the immigration detention centres; to examine current law and policy reform efforts in relation to detention and alternatives to detention as well as to present the case for detention abolition and a transformative approach to migration “enforcement”.

Organized by: Inland Protection

Responding to trauma with care

This participatory workshop will bring an understanding of trauma-informed care into settlement organizations’ every day practices, including a theatre based activity to engage with everyone in the audience. Starting with a holistic approach in the settlement sector, the workshop will focus on the profound impact it has on certain population: women, indigenous communities, LGBTQ+, youth and children.

Organized by: Immigration and Settlement

Complementary pathways

This workshop will explore developments in the use of economic immigration channels to provide a durable solution for refugees.

Organized by: OPR

Friday 12:15pm – 1:15pm

Getting more involved

Would you like to get more involved in the CCR? Perhaps you have attended a few meetings and feel it is time to get in deeper? Or maybe you are attending for the first time and want to plunge right in? Join this session to explore how best to match your interests with what the CCR has to offer.

Organized by: Executive

Friday 1:30 - 3pm

Newcomer Youth engagement

This workshop will look look at different organizations practices of youth engagement and how they have been able to support youth in becoming strong advocates and leaders for the community.  By drawing from the expertise of members of the Youth Network, together we will brainstorm on a concrete series of practices and actions that organizations can start implementing to empower youth in their communities.

The goal of this workshop is for the Youth Network to define  practices and actions that organizations can take to make youth engagement stronger at their organization.

Organized by: Youth Network

Root Causes: Canadian Mining Companies & Displacement

The workshop will examine actions of Canadian companies and their impact on displacement, with particular focus on the potentially precedent-setting case of Nevsun Resources Ltd. v. Gize Yebeyo Araya, et al. The broader impact of mining activities, specifically on Indigenous communities, will also be explored.  

Organized by: OPR

Sexual Orientation + gender identity and expression

In 2017 the Immigration and Refugee Board adopted a Guideline on Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity and Expression (SOGIE). This workshop will look at the purpose and impact of this Guideline for people appearing before the IRB, and explore how organizations can apply SOGIE principles within their own organizations when providing support to LGBTQ+ refugees.

Organized by: Anti-oppression (IP)

Trafficking of indigenous migrant workers: what are the systemic roots?

This workshop will look at the impact of economic policies on indigenous communities and the connection with trafficking. Presenters will highlight links between the experience of indigenous migrant workers and indigenous communities in Canada, as well as share strategies for building solidarity and advocating for change.

Organized by: Trafficking

Friday 3:30pm - 5:30pm

Working Group meetings, Part II

In this second part of the working group meetings, participants will discuss follow up to the workshops and other strategies for collaboration, for action and for policy development. All participants who are not representing government should attend one of the Working Group meetings:

Working group meetings are closed to government employees and media. Representatives of inter governmental organizations (IOM, UNHCR) are encouraged to attend as observers.

Saturday 10:30am - 12:30pm

Closing plenary spring 2019

The closing session will offer an opportunity to hear from Hassan Al-Kontar, a Syrian refugee and activist, stranded for 7 months in a Malaysian airport.

Participants will also review highlights of the consultation and debate resolutions. The session will include the CCR Spring General Meeting. 

Organized by: Executive