Canadian Council for Refugees E-Chronicle, Vol. 11 no. 7, 19 December 2016

CCR Chronicle

Canadian Council for Refugees E-Chronicle
Vol. 11 #7, 19 December 2016

In this issue:

  1. Welcoming Syrians to Canada: One year on

welcomeThe CCR joined a coalition representing hundreds of organizations across Canada in thanking Canadians for welcoming and sponsoring Syrian refugees:

"For those of us that work with refugees, the generosity of the public has been humbling. Whether it is high school students preparing welcome baskets, seniors knitting hats and scarves, individuals donating time and money to privately sponsor refugees, neighbours taking newly arrived children to hockey practice, or people, businesses, unions, faith and cultural communities, and social groups offering all manner of support, Canadians have shown once again that we are at our best when we reach out to welcome our future fellow citizens."

To read the complete statement:

  1. Migrant workers: A step in the right direction!

Migrant Workers

This International Migrants Day, the CCR applauds the elimination by the government on 13 December of the “cumulative duration” rule that limits migrant workers’ participation in the Temporary Foreign Worker Program (TFWP) to four years.

This is a victory for the many migrant workers and advocates that have been fighting against the rule, and an important step to stop punishing workers for the reliance of some Canadian employers on precarious foreign labour. The federal government must continue to make changes to ensure a just system:

Migrant workers' rights recommendations

For the complete CCR statement on International Migrants Day:

For more from the CCR on migrant workers' rights, see:

  1. Join the CCR's call: Children don't belong in detention

Children don't belong in detentionUnder Canada's immigration law, children are supposed to be detained only as a “last resort”. But children are regularly detained in Canada. They are detained on grounds of identity or flight risk, or they are a "guest" in detention accompanying a detained parent.

The CCR has prepared a detailed proposal to address this problem, based on 5 key recommendations:

  • End the detention of children under immigration legislation
  • Preserve children's rights to family unity
  • Make the best interests of the child a primary consideration
  • Amend Canadian law
  • Provide designated representatives to separated children
Show your support for this plan by:
  • Talking with others about the realities of children in detention in Canada. Share this comic strip and other key facts
  • Writing to the Minister of Public Safety Ralph Goodale supporting the CCR's proposal
  • Sharing your support for the CCR's proposal in your networks and over social media
  • Making a donation to the CCR to help end the detention of children in Canada
For more information, see:
  1. Spread the word: Youth Action Gathering, Winnipeg, 28-29 April 2017

Jeunes CCR YouthRefugee and immigrant youth often face significant personal and systemic barriers in their everyday lives. With common challenges comes the need for unified action and a platform upon which to mobilize. Given the opportunity and support, newcomer youth can be leaders in their communities and counter these barriers.

The CCR Youth Network is organizing the 2017 Youth Action Gathering in Winnipeg to provide a friendly, supportive and accessible space for refugee and immigrant youth advocates from across Canada to meet face to face, share experiences and respond to issues of concern to them.

Help share information about the Youth Action Gathering with newcomer youth in your community and networks.

For more information, see:

  1. Coming in 2017: new CCR resources

Private Sponsorship of Refugees
Private Sponsorship of Refugees Toolkit: a web-based resource offering practical and concise information for sponsors and sponsored persons across Canada. For more information:

Refugees Welcome Here

Refugees Welcome Here Toolkit: a resource for groups, organizations, schools and others wishing to take action and to build a structured approach for sustained refugee rights promotion and advocacy. For more information:


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