Refugees Welcome Here

Amnesty International Canada (English and French speaking) and the CCR are embarking on a public awareness campaign to make Canada more welcoming towards refugees. The campaign’s key messages will be to call for:

  • more refugees,
  • more fairness for refugees and
  • more welcoming communities.

We want to rebut myths about refugees and emphasize the contributions of refugees.

We are inviting CCR and AI members, youth and others across Canada to participate in this campaign, which will focus on mobilizing local communities, building on the leadership shown by many mayors across Canada.

Key campaign dates will be Refugee Rights Day (April 4) and World Refugee Day (but perhaps with activities moved forward to early June). The campaign will run from now to the end of June 2016.

Get involved:

To participate in the CCR Youth Network led Photography project, click here.

Get involved in activities to mark Refugee Rights Day (April 4)

For more information on campaign related updates, events, webinars and resources click here.


Refugees Welcome Here! is an initiative of Amnesty International, the Canadian Council for Refugees and Amnistie internationale. We are collaborating on a campaign to welcome more refugees, achieve more fairness in systems affecting refugees, and foster more welcoming communities across Canada.

The purpose of the Refugee Rights training kit is to provide information about refugees in a Canadian context. It will be helpful to three types of people – those who are: knowledgeable about refugees and new to activism; experienced activists and eager to learn about refugees; and, new to refugee sponsorship and looking to deepen their knowledge about refugee protection.

You are invited to be a part of a focus group to provide input into the refugee rights training materials that we are in the process of developing.

Who – Leaders in activism, advocacy, frontline services to newcomers, refugee sponsorship, and education! Space is limited to about 15 participants for the face-to-face focus groups, so please indicate your interest before 5pm EST on February 5th. Please tell us why you are interested in this training (no more than 100 words).

What –

Focus groups for an online training on refugee rights in Canada:

  1. Be the first to see the materials and experience the sample exercises
  2. Suggest ways the materials might be improved to help teach others about refugee rights
  3. Use the materials we develop to train others on refugee rights
  4. Identify groups or individuals you think would benefit from this resource • Seize the opportunity to network with others interested in refugee rights

Topics the training is intended to cover:

  1. Introduction to Refugee Rights in Canada: Who is a refugee
  2. ​What are all the means for refugees to reach safety in Canada
  3. ​Canada’s history of refugee protection – proud moments and regrets
  4. ​Myths and realities about refugees

Advocacy for Refugee Rights: 

  1. Context for the 3 themes in the Refugees Welcome Here! Campaign
    1. Family reunification
    2. Refugees from all regions of the world
    3. Refugee claimants
  2. ​Mythbusting
    1. ​Methods to conduct advocacy for refugee rights •
    2. Helping to amplify refugee voices e.g. helping refugees build skills for public speaking, outreach to media, and advocacy with policy makers
  3. ​Calls to action, especially to
    1. Mark April 4th, Refugee Rights Day in Canada
    2. Invite elected representatives to respond to our policy recommendations
    3. Pledge to welcome refugees

Why –

Refugee protection in Canada is enjoying a renaissance, with the generous response of people across the country to the dire situation of Syrian refugees. There are many people of good will doing great work. We would like to build on this compassion and energy to ensure that Canada does the following for refugees from all regions:

  1. Creates sustainable systems and an ongoing commitment to refugee resettlement
  2. Ensures fairness for refugees who claim protection when they arrive in Canada
  3. Gives refugees a warm welcome and the best possible opportunity to make Canada a happy home for themselves and their families.

We believe we can contribute to this vision by making sure that Canadians are well informed about refugees, their needs and their human rights. We want to ask Canadians who are well informed to share their knowledge with others and work together with refugees and with us to ensure that respect for refugee rights is an integral part of Canadian policy.

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