Question and Answers on CCR VAW listserve

Here are just a few examples of the sorts of questions that can be addressed via the CCR violence against newcomer women listserve:
  • which low-income immigrant women are entitled to collect Canada Child Tax Benefit to help care for their children?
  • If a woman being sponsored for permanent residence by her spouse experiences domestic violence during the sponsorship process, what can she do to remain in Canada if her spouse withdraws the sponsorship?
  • What does a woman without legal status do if she needs to see a doctor?
  • If a woman seeking refugee status finds it very difficult to speak about the sexual violence she has experienced, are there any accommodations that the Immigration and Refugee Board can make so that testifying at her refugee hearing is less traumatic for her?
  • If a woman wants to leave an abusive situation and take her children with her, what kinds of steps should she take so that her spouse and the police cannot accuse her of kidnapping or abducting the children?
  • If a woman makes an application to remain in Canada on humanitarian grounds because her sponsorship has broken down, what kinds of evidence should she present to prove that she experienced abuse?
  • If a woman calls the police because she is being abused, do the police have the right to tell Immigration authorities that the woman has no status in Canada?