Youth Network Terms of Reference


  1. The Youth Network exists to provide a space and facilitate leadership for newcomer youth to work alongside others to promote the rights and protection of youth refugees and migrants, and to create a safe space for networking and information-exchange for youth doing this work.

This goal is rooted in the CCR mission statement which commits the CCR to the rights and protection of refugees and other vulnerable migrants in Canada and around the world and to the settlement of refugees and immigrants in Canada.  The CCR meets the networking, information-exchange and advocacy needs of its members.

Youth leadership

  1. The Youth Network is guided by the principle of being youth-led.
  2. The CCR will continue to provide a youth-only space.
  3. The Youth Network will promote youth leadership among member organizations.


  1. The Youth Network is an expression of the CCR’s commitment to anti-oppression, recognizing that youth have less access to power. The Youth Network is guided by the CCR Anti-Oppression Policy.

Role of member organizations

  1. CCR member organizations play a crucial role in supporting the participation of youth. Member organizations are asked to:
    • Commit staff to supporting youth participation in the Youth Network.
    • Support youth participation in the Youth Network (especially through funding travel to meetings)
  2. Youth that are not associated with a member organization are welcome to participate in the Youth Network (in accordance with Youth Network policies on allyship).


  1. The Youth Network is an integrated and valued component of the CCR.
  2. The Youth Network is led by a core group which is responsible for communicating with the Executive and the office, on behalf of the Youth Network.
  3. The Youth Network works closely with the rest of CCR, including with the Working Groups. This means that the CCR as a whole hears and acts on Youth Network concerns, and the Youth Network acts on some of the priorities identified by the rest of CCR.
  4. Working groups have a responsibility to integrate participation of members of the Youth Network, including in planning of workshops and on specific joint projects, and by giving space for youth to raise issues at meetings.

Commitment to review

  1. The CCR acknowledges that we are in a learning process and that we need to develop a Youth Engagement Policy. These terms of reference will be reviewed one year after adoption, and after a youth engagement policy is adopted.

Approved by the Executive, March 2015