Root causes of trafficking: linking migration policy, indigeneity and front-line practices

French title: 
Racines systémiques de la traite: établir un lien entre la politique de migration, l'indigénéité et les pratiques de première ligne
Description (English): 

This workshop will explore the roots causes of human trafficking from both policy and practice-based perspectives, with a look at indigenous realities in Canada and globally in particular. Presenters will highlight economic policies as a root cause of human trafficking, the experiences of indigenous communities in Canada, as well as share strategies for doing front-line work while considering indigenous experiences.

Resource persons:

  • Jessica Wilson, Fort Frances Tribal Area Health Services (Fort Frances, ON)
  • Leah Woolner, MCVI (Montreal, QC)
Description (French): 

L'atelier examinera les causes profondes de la traite an niveau national et international et identifiera les actions à prendre.

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