Dialogue with the Manitoba government: Reducing Risks for Low Skilled Migrant Workers

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Dialogue avec le gouvernement du Manitoba
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This session will offer an opportunity to hear from and dialogue with the Manitoba government, especially in relation to low-skilled workers. Participants will hear about the Worker Recruitment and Protection Act (WRAPA), which is seen as a model across Canada for reducing risks for low-skilled migrant workers. Attention will also be paid to the impact of labour recruitment laws on potential situations of trafficking. Participants will hear about opportunities for low-skilled workers through the Manitoba Provincial Nominee Program.

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Cette séance offrira l'occasion d'entendre parler des représentants du gouvernement du Manitoba et de dialoguer avec eux, notamment des les domaines de la protection des droits des Travailleurs étrangers temporaires, et du parrainage privé des réfugiés.

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