Winter Working Group meetings 2020

9h30 à 17h

Salvation Army Harbour Light Ministries
160 rue Jarvis
Toronto ON M5B 2E1

Do you want to be part of efforts to promote rights for refugees? Want to participate in in-depth discussions on pressing issues affecting refugees and immigrants in Canada? Looking for an opportunity to share information and strategies with others from across Canada?

Participate in the Canadian Council for Refugees (CCR) Working Group meetings in Toronto, 28 and 29 February 2020.

Anyone interested is welcome to participate, especially CCR members; however meetings are closed to media and government employees.

Insight on some of the topics on the Agendas:




9:30am - 5pm: Inland Protection Working Group meeting
  • Front-end issues – delays in eligibility determination
  • New ineligibility and PRRA
  • Annual Tripartite Consultations on Resettlement (ATCR) updates from Working Group February 11-13, 2020
  • Share findings of G5 survey in report form
In all Groups:
  • Planning Spring Consultation, June 2-4, 2020 (Moncton, New Brunswick)
  • Advocacy priorities 2020
  • International Students
  • Housing – including the creation of the National Right to Housing Network
There is no cost to participate and there is no need to register in advance.

Proposed agendas for the meeting will be sent closer to the meeting to the CCR listserve (CCRLIST) and posted on the webpages of each Working Group.

Draft agendas for the meeting will be available on the Working Group webpages for logged-in CCR members and will also be sent by email to the CCRLIST.