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List of Organizations Working on Trafficking Across Canada

The CCR has developed an online database of organizations working on trafficking across Canada as part of an effort to support and coordinate anti-trafficking efforts across the country. Organizations in the database are primarily Canadian, non-governmental and working to raise awareness of trafficking in Canada or providing services to trafficked persons.

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Canadian Toll-Free Numbers





B.C. Office to Combat Trafficking in Persons (OCTIP)

Toll Free 24 Hour Line for assistance in B.C.

Coordinating services for trafficked persons: connecting to service agencies that provide shelter, health care, counselling and support services, legal consultation, translation and interpretation, and other services a trafficked person may require.


British Columbia
Canadian Crime Stoppers Association Call Crime Stoppers to report trafficking in persons and related crimes. This is a general anonymous crime hotline. 1-888-222-8477 Canada-wide
Chrysalis Network The Chrysalis Network offers a free, confidential trauma counselling service to women and men who have been trafficked and exploited for the purposes of commercial sex and forced labour. 1-866-528-7109 Alberta
Human Trafficking National Coordination Center Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) 1-855-850-4640 Canada-wide