6. Colombia resettlement levels

Nov 2008
  1. The Colombian conflict has not lessened during the last year;
  2. Different international organizations have pointed to the continuation of political persecution and human rights violations;
  3. Displacement levels are higher than ever before;
Therefore be it resolved:

That the CCR request the Canadian Government to maintain the current resettlement levels for Colombian refugees through the Source Country Class.

14. African refugee source countries

Nov 2002
  1. Africa continues to be a source of refugees and international migration as a result of internal conflicts and political instabilities;
  2. The Canadian Government has classified a number of African countries as ‘Source Countries' of refugees;
  3. Refugees from these countries are not benefiting from such classification due to logistical and bureaucratic challenges;
  4. The International Region of CIC has not developed any strategic plan to deal with the protection and resettlement of refugees from African Source Countries;
Therefore be it resolved:

That the CCR:

  1. Recommend that the Canadian Government consult with relevant grassroots community based organizations and concerned individuals in formulating program implementation relating to the protection and resettlement of refugees through the source country program so that valuable resources are utilized appropriately;
  2. Urge the International Region of CIC to assign more resources to the processing of refugee applications out of African Source Countries;
  3. Recommend that a joint ad hoc committee of CIC and concerned agencies of CCR be established to undertake a total review of the Source Country Class Program.

4. Source country class

Dec 2000
  1. CCR continues to oppose the Source Country List, believing that all countries should be treated equally;
  2. Conflict between Ethiopia and Eritrea and its racial overtones has rendered many people in mixed marriage situations or being descendants thereof, effectively stateless, unwelcome and persecuted in both countries;
  3. Refugees from Sierra Leone are being forcibly repatriated to Sierra Leone;
Therefore be it resolved:

That the CCR urge the Government of Canada to process under the Source Country Class those people urgently in need of protection in Ethiopia, Eritrea and Sierra Leone.


7. Processing under source country class - Sudan

Dec 1999
  1. Canada has recognized the need for the protection of Sudanese, and has included Sudan on the Source Country schedule;
  2. There is no permanent Canadian processing presence in the Sudan;
  3. Displaced Sudanese are forced to flee in great danger;
  4. A visa officer is deployed to the Sudan extremely seldom. This is an inadequate response to the profound protection needs;
Therefore be it resolved:

That the CCR strongly urge CIC to immediately put in place the resources and logistical support to effectively process Sudanese under the Source Country Class.