Women at risk

Resolution number
  1. The actions of the Taliban army of Afghanistan have once again made the world aware of the unique risks faced by women;
  2. The Government of Canada prides itself on its guidelines on gender persecution;
  3. The number of women accepted by Canada as victims of gender persecution under the Women At Risk Program is disproportionately small in comparison to the enormous numbers of women refugees;
Therefore be it resolved

That the CCR:

  1. Obtain comparative statistics from the UNHCR on admissions under the Women At Risk Program in Canada and other nations;
  2. Write to the Minister of Citizenship and Immigration and the Ministre des Relations avec les citoyens et de l'Immigration du Québec requesting an increased commitment to resettle Women at Risk and that this be reflected in the Canadian and Québec Annual Levels Plans for 1998 and following years, which plans should include an implementation plan;
  3. Express concerns regarding the Women At Risk Program in its submission to the UNHCR Formal Consultation on Resettlement and request follow up from UNHCR and government participants.
  4. Request the UNHCR and CIC to establish a Working Group together with NGOs (both settlement and sponsoring) to improve the Women at Risk program. Settlement/Overseas Protection
Working Group
Immigration and Settlement