Torture legislation

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Resolution number: 
November 2006
  1. The Arar Commission has identified Canadian complicity in Maher Arar’s rendition to torture in Syria;
  2. The Canadian government continues to argue that there may be circumstances under which individuals could be returned to a country where there may be grounds to believe they may be at risk of torture;
Therefore be it resolved: 


  1. The CCR call on the government to enact legislation that unequivocally and absolutely prohibits the use of torture under any circumstances by any person, but in particular by any government official or persons acting in a government-related capacity;
  2. This legislation prohibit the use of information garnered as a result of torture;
  3. This legislation prohibit actions, including the sharing of information, that might reasonably be expected to place any person at risk of torture.
Working Group: 
Inland Protection