Security issues

Resolution number
  1. Refugees and immigrants who apply for permanent residence are required to undergo security screening by the Canadian Security Intelligence Service (CSIS) and the security review unit of the Department of Citizenship & Immigration (SRU);
  2. Refugees and immigrants often face undue delays in acquiring permanent residence status as a result of prolonged security screenings by CSIS and SRU;
  3. The security screening process remains unfair and intimidating to many refugees and immigrants, particularly since many cannot obtain information about the status of their applications or reasons for long delays;
  4. The CCR adopted Resolution 13 of May 1998 and Resolution 13 of November 1998 on landing delays for security reasons and assessments;
  5. Refugees and immigrants who question the integrity, fairness, duration, and impact of the security screening process can file a complaint with the Security Intelligence Review Committee (SIRC);
  6. SIRC is mandated to investigate such complaints and make recommendations thereon;
  7. Such complaints have been filed with SIRC and in April 2000, SIRC issued reports on its findings with recommendations;
  8. The SIRC reports unequivocally exonerated the complainants and made a number of recommendations;
  9. These recommendations included a recommendation that complainants’ applications for permanent residence be processed for landing;
Therefore be it resolved

That the CCR call on:

  1. The Minister of Citizenship and Immigration and CIC to immediately implement the recommendations in these SIRC reports, including landing for the complainants;
  2. The Solicitor General and Director of CSIS to immediately implement the recommendations in the reports;
  3. CIC to promptly land individuals whom CSIS or SIRC has recommended for landing;
  4. CIC to refer an applicant for permanent residence whose application has been delayed for more than two years for security reasons to SIRC for review and recommendations with respect to landing.
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