Risk Assessment - Timing and Forum

Resolution number
  1. Citizenship and Immigration Canada is currently studying the process by which humanitarian and compassionate reviews are done;
  2. CIC is also studying the process for assessing the risks a rejected refugee claimant may face should she/he be removed from Canada;
  3. One proposal which is receiving serious consideration by CIC is to have CIC officials make decisions about claimants' refugee claims, humanitarian and compassionate applications and risk assessments prior to the matter being referred to the IRB;
Therefore be it resolved

that the CCR:

  1. Oppose refugee claims being determined at any stage by way of administrative process;
  2. Support the proposition that refugee claims should be determined by the IRB, an independent quasi-judicial body;
  3. Support the proposition that decisions about humanitarian and compassionate claims and risk assessment should be made after a determination of a person's refugee claim;
  4. Support the proposition that the IRB is the best available body to make the initial decision about the risks a person may face should that person be removed from Canada or to deal with a re-opening for changes of conditions.
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