Resolution number: 
November 1995
  1. The CCR has already on numerous occasions expressed its concerns relating to the manner in which removals are effected and has adopted various resolutions calling on the government to address those concerns;
  2. The public revelation that an immigration officer committed forgery with a view to speeding removal has prompted the Department to ask Roger Tassé to assess removals procedures;
  3. The subsequent arrest of two other immigration officers on charges of forgery only confirms the fundamental nature of the problem;
Therefore be it resolved: 

that the CCR, in addition to other previously adopted recommendations:

  1. Call on the Department to:
    • Establish accountability mechanisms, including civilian oversight or an ombudsman, for the Enforcement Branch of the Immigration Department;
    • Protect the deportee's identity vis-a-vis the country to which they are being deported;
    • Respect the principle of family unity by ordering that removals never be effected when the removal would lead to family separation;
  2. Endorse the following recommendations of the assessment of the CIC-RCMP task force, dated May 25, 1995:
    • that the Department develop a Code of Conduct and Discipline for investigators;
    • that the Department undertake a pro-active recruiting campaign to attract women and visible minorities to the enforcement function;
    • that the Department design and implement a community based approach to the issue of illegal immigration;
    • that all persons employed in the enforcement function receive cross cultural training.
Working Group: 
Inland Protection