Refugee Assistance Program

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Resolution number: 
June 2005
  1. The Refugee Assistance Program (RAP) is responsible for the provision of settlement services and income support for refugees deemed in need of protection by the Government of Canada;
  2. The provision of these RAP services has been contracted to voluntary sector organizations;
  3. The budget for the RAP program has not been increased since 1998;
  4. The voluntary agencies across Canada have now reached a crisis point in their financial viability to be able to deliver services to government sponsored refugees;
  5. The recent budget announcement of an additional $298 million dollars for settlement service for the Department of Citizenship and Immigration provides not one cent in additional funding for RAP services for government sponsored refugees;
  6. Senior department officials have recognized the critical nature of the situation but have been unable to effect any significant change;
Therefore be it resolved: 

That the CCR urgently request a meeting between RAP agency representatives and the Minister of Citizenship and Immigration to consider the financial “melt down” facing the voluntary agencies delivering RAP services and the lack of adequate income support for RAP clients and ensure the allocation of sufficient funds to avert a crisis.

Working Group: 
Immigration and Settlement