Passport requirement for Iranian refugee and hack applicants

Resolution number: 
November 1997
  1. Arbitrary arrests and gross violations of human rights have been the most significant characteristic of the Islamic Republic of Iran policy;
  2. Tyranny and religious intolerance by the authorities have claimed thousands of lives in Iran;
  3. Detention of ex-political prisoners has become a nightmare for prisoners and their families;
  4. Women in Iran are treated as second class citizens and face persecution and stoning to death as Amnesty International has reported;
  5. Iranian refugees do not wish to face again their torturers who appear as government agents at embassies;
  6. In order to process an application for travel documents the Iranian embassy demands personal information of refugees including the way they escaped Iran;
  7. Due to the prevailing situation in Iran, deporting rejected refugee claimants and refugees accused of criminal offenses to that country would certainly jeopardize their lives, putting them at risk of torture or death;
Therefore be it resolved: 

That the CCR write to the Minister of Citizenship and Immigration urging her to direct immigration officials reviewing H&C applications to exercise their discretion pursuant to Section 2.1 of the Immigration Regulations to exempt refused Iranian refugees from the requirement to have a passport and to accept satisfactory alternative identity documents.

Working Group: 
Inland Protection